One thing to change a day…

This morning I woke from a broken night with interruptions from 2 children needing help or comfort, and a headache that has not gone away all day.

I did my usual phone check breaking all the rules about checking technology first thing. And not sleeping with it next to one’s bed. I DO put it on aeroplane mode all night but still use it as a clock.

Reading this one thing changed my day. Reminded me of the intention I try to live with daily – but on days like today it’s easy to lose. To drift – and to be the exact opposite of the way I want to be.

All of our choices of having less to live more – can still make way for over use of devices, and different distractions. The circumstances of my morning – with a visit from the owner of our current (new, temporary, and very lovely) home – meant that we had a lot of jobs and needed to keep the place tidy while I cleaned a few extra things. Wasn’t looking good.

Then this:


A reminder of one of my favourite goals. To prioritise relationship and connection, to put people before things, and commitments. And today – put my children before my coping mechanisms – coffee, screens, hiding away and letting them do projects and play without much effort or connection from me. Honesty alert.

So: with Matthew going out early, leaving me with the breakfast shift as well as the clean up operation – I took the opportunity to embrace the day, get decisively out of bed without the second cup of coffee and be a presence as well as present.

I was intentional about sharing with my children the joy they bring to me  and how much of a gift from God they are. I let them know by connection, that I’ve “got this” and today they have ME in it even though I didn’t feel good. They have had a brilliant day (so have I), we enjoyed good simple food and then a surprise gift from God at lunch time in the form of anonymous generosity from a church member. Right where I’ve decided we shouldn’t buy 2 tins of beans to make lunch ‘easy’ and instead made a healthy family favourite that all enjoyed so much they got spoons to scrape the last drops of cauliflower sauce from their dishes.

I have allowed myself to be interrupted, even now, just before this sentence was written. That was an easy one. Helping miss 7 with a word. But an hour ago I put down a book I had just sat down to read for some quiet time by myself… and on hearing miss 3’s story of the sadness of giving away some cake she now regretted… suggested we made cocoa-zucchini muffins together. Invited Mr 11 and the 2 of them under my guidance just made an impromptu dessert for a day where it appears,  we are eating cake twice.

I chose to fill their cups and I chose joy in the moment. I know that today would have played out very differently if I hadn’t.