We are Even More.

How the blog became and how it became this is that over time, ideas have grown more and more… even more. The content was always to vary.. could never hold together entirely. Then I realised. These words, Even More… have been in the back of my mind, a sentence… for five years. These words are mine now. I have taken them and re-used them. I think of them almost daily. Always in a good way.

Those words have not always been kind. Even more has not always been my friend. Here is how those words first came to reside in our house. In my mind, subconsicous… accusations…

We had 3 children. We were living in a rented house, had just announced to our families that we would be homeschooling our eldest child for a number of reasons, any one of them valid in itself.. and then we shared the wonderful news that we were expecting another baby. Four seemed like such a friendlier number than three, which to us felt unfinished. This is where the words happened. One person’s was not good. Her words (after the initial disbelief) were that we would be neglecting the other children EVEN MORE. Even more??? Even more than what? Than we were already? We weren’t aware there was any neglecting going on in the first place. Far from it! I had given up work two babies ago to concentrate on our family and look after our children as their primary carer at home… we didn’t watch much television, cooked just about everything from scratch… we did our absolute best and we were just embarking on a journey into educating our children at home. Again from scratch. Junk food school thrown in only occasionally.

So those were the words that came to reside in our house. Even more. Two more babies later… the words were still unwelcome visitors in my head when I think about how our family has grown, and the reactions to that growth each time we have announced our joyous (to us!) news!!

Recently I was telling the story to a friend. I realised… I can take back those words! They are mine now. I have even more experience, even more children, even more to keep me busy and even more to thank the Lord for..I am learning even more about grace. Our family gives us even more joy than we ever thought possible. There is even more encouragement.  Even more to write about…

So here it will be. Life, faith, large family… and even more.